IdeaFeX is the marketplace for tokenized real-world goods & assets

our marketplace will launch in Q4 2019,
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    tokenization of real-world goods & assets greatly empowers sellers & buyers with product futures and allows for financing & investment with not only product futures but also exotic assets.


    firms can innovate their business models by integrating product futures and exotic assets in their operations, investors can access a broader range of valuable goods & assets, and consumers benefit from the vibrant secondary market


    familiar e-commerce experience drives the disperse & discovery of information
Three pain points in our economy

Inflexible flow of goods & assets

Goods and assets fall into their "stereotypical roles". Besides a few second-hand markets, buying and selling goods and assets not traditionally "meant for" investment are overlooked as possibilities. In contrast, by offering these options, we can empower sellers by reducing their exposure to market uncertainties (in the case of product futures) or by broadening their options (in the case of exotic assets); they can serve as substitutes or complements to traditional financing channels.

Deep divide between financing & operations

Firms look to "investors" for financing and "consumers" for their market. Financing and operations are miles apart. In contrast, by integrating product futures and exotic assets into their business models, firms can reduce their exposure to price and demand uncertainties and obtain funds for their business operations through new channels. Similarly, corporate investors can reduce their exposure to price and supply uncertainties.

Pervasion of "exclusivity"

Non-economic reasons to exclude lead to suboptimal resource allocation. Unfortunately, most goods & assets are not open for investment to ordinary guys or small corporate investors. In contrast, by supporting product futures and exotic assets, we can break down unnecessary restrictions and serve the broad economic community.

We present an innovative solution

Flexibility & tokenization

We extend the marketplace format to product futures and exotic assets with the help of distributed ledger technology. Products and services to be delivered in the future can be sold at present, while indivisible, illiquid yet valuable assets can be used for financing. All stakeholders gain a new degree of flexibility as a result.

Agility & broad appeal

Rent-generating exotic assets and physically-delivered product futures make possible a number of business model innovations for firms. Similarly, investors and consumers benefit from new investment methods and new consumption models.

Navigability & matching

We integrate intelligent and adaptive search & filtering functions found in leading e-commerce platforms. They drive the disperse and discovery of authentic information, thus greatly facilitating navigation, comparison, and decision-making. Better buyer–seller matching becomes a reality.

Auction method & optimal price discovery

With our unique auction method (optional), inputs from all participating buyers together determine the final price of the tokens. By design, this market mechanism ensures correct valuation. The price discovered through this process is also the one that the secondary market is ready to support.

Secondary market

A secondary market nested in each good or asset make it easy for those who have made purchases resell whenever they like. This feature sits at the core of the agility that our solution offers.


Real-world goods & assets are different from virtual "currencies" in that each is backed by tangible goods or services. They are also not traditional "securities". These characteristics make them comparatively safer — of course, consumers and companies completely disinterested in financing & investment can nevertheless use our marketplace and gain tangible value.

How do we stack up?

Easy to use like traditional e-commerce

Online marketplaces have largely transformed shopping. Cateogries, filters, peer reviews, and AI-guided recommendations make navigating through large quantities of products easy and enjoyable. IdeaFeX extends the e-marketplace formula to tokenized goods & assets.

Broader audience than crowdfunding

Product futures may remind one of crowdfunding; however, we offer much higher flexibility and serve a much broader audience. On IdeaFeX, sellers need not be startups, and the goods need not be consumer products — meanwhile, buyers need not be the end consumers. A secondary market further broadens the set of opportunities.

Sharing features of commodities futures

Thanks to developments in distributed ledger technology, we can offer features of commodities futures to physical products in general. Corporate investors can leverage product futures as part of their supply chain management, and the producers can draw benefits such as smoother cash flow and reduced exposure to market uncertainties.

More agile than specialty markets

Specialty markets exist for some exotic assets such as wines and collectible art. Startups in the blockchain community, often not-for-profit, are developing specialty tools that serve goods & services. IdeaFeX is a versatile & agile marketplace: We will integrate these tools to enrich the whole process.

An alternative to stocks & bonds

By giving growth and mature companies the option to presell products and/or to rent out their unused capacities and services, IdeaFeX empowers them in sourcing funds without dilution and/or the need to go public.

Off-chain value rarely found in ICOs

All goods & assets on the IdeaFeX marketplace have tangible off-chain value unassociated with blockchain. In other words, we use the distributed ledger technology as a tool to enhance the flow of resources; buyers are not purchasing the use of these technologies — they are already enjoying them!