IdeaFeX Token (IFX) competition

IdeaFeX invites enthusiasts to spread the word about our project and our ICO via social media engagements. By performing these actions, each participant earns “entry points”. Every day, three winners will be randomly selected based on entry points, and each will be awarded 2,000 IFX, equivalent of €380 at our final ICO price. Each stage of the competition lasts two weeks. You can enter again in a new stage.

The full list of winners, including those in earlier rounds, can be found here.

Please beware that registration and Level 1 account verification is necessary to claim the winnings, which will be credited directly to your IdeaFeX account before the conclusion of our ICO (to be announced on our social media channels).

Three winners will be selected randomly everyday. They will be announced across our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. Winners will also be included in a public spreadsheet viewable and verifiable by the public. Multiple wins across stages are possible.

You can maximize your chance of winning by earning more entry points. You can also invite friends to participate; each time a friend enters, you earn an additional point.