IdeaFeX Token (IFX) is designed to empower our community and to drive its organic growth

Our initial public sale is now open. Referral program is also open.

2000 IFX = 1 ETH. 40% bonus is offered before the first 20% of the tokens are sold. Act quickly!

IFX has five features:

  1. Discount: Using IFX to pay fees allows users to receive discounts. This discount applies to both fundraisers and investors, in both primary and secondary markets.
  2. Referral award: After a new user registers as an investor with the unique referral code, each time s/he uses IFX to pay fees the original referrer receives an award.
  3. Staking: Fundraisers can stake IFX for their asset listings to improve search ranking.
  4. Fundraising bonus: Additional discount to fees apply when IFX is accepted exclusively in financing.
  5. Token burn: We systematically reduce the total supply of IFX by burning at least 10% of the tokens that we collect in fee payments.

Token distribution

We have divided a total supply of 1,000,000,000 IFX into four lots:

  1. Initial public sale (40%): From a total supply of 1,000,000,000, 40% is available for the initial public sale.
  2. Locked in escrow (30%): Another 30% will be locked in escrow and can only be sold upon community vote.
  3. Community building (15%): For the development of local IdeaFeX communities as well as online competitions, we allocate 15% of the total supply.
  4. Talent attraction (15%): The remaining 15% will be reserved for the IdeaFeX team in order to attract and retain talents.


The IdeaFeX Token has the referral award function that incentivizes the referral of new users. After the new user registers with the unique referral code, each time they pay fees using IFX the referrer receives 20% of the IFX collected.

Moreover, we are offering 40 IFX (worth 0.02 ETH) for EVERY referral after the new user purchases at least 200 IFX (280 IFX counting the 40% bonus that applies right now, equivalent of 0.1 ETH).

Please note that all registered users will be carried over to our marketplace and exchange, scheduled to be launched later this year (2019). You will be able to use IFX in many meaningful ways. Please read more on our full description.

How to participate?

The referral function is built into our website. Please register and receive your referral code.