IdeaFeX Privacy Policy

We believe in your rights to know what data we collect from you and how we use it and to have meaningful control over both. This is the purpose of this privacy policy.

Usage information we receive about you

We use Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and LinkedIn Insight to monitor your usage of our website. We do not install Cookies, which are small pieces of data stored on your computer or mobile device, to achieve this function. These cookies are stored on your computer when you choose to accept the privacy policies of these analytics service providers, namely Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Nevertheless, should you choose to accept traffic monitoring on our website, these Cookies will be "fired" to communicate which page you are viewing on our website to the analytics service providers. While we do not actively collect information pertaining to your demographics, some personal data, in particular your IP address, will be collected. Combined with the data that the analytics service providers may already possess, this may lead to positive identification.

We also conduct studies on the blockchain and distributed ledger technology community. Participation in these studies are completely voluntary. You can also choose to answer only some of the questions. Some of these questions may pertain to your personal data.

How we process your information

We only use your data at the aggregate level. We do not have access to your personal data at the individual level, which are held by analytics service providers. The only exception is when you choose to provide these information in our studies.

With analytics service providers, we identify areas where efforts are needed to strengthen our community. This includes but is not limited to the tracking of referral links and the demographics that share the highest level of interest.

Our studies aim further to provide insights into the blockchain and distributed ledger technology industry. Each study will collect different types of data, some of which may be personal information. We use these data for our industry research, which will be provided to the public at the aggregate level for free. We will not share with any parties beyond our data processor (Google) your information at the individual level, and we will not authorize our data processor (Google) to share your information with any third party.

Managing your information with us

We believe in your rights to be informed, to know exactly how we collect and process your information, to have yours personal data rectified if it is inaccurate or incomplete, to have your personal data deleted without the need for a specific reason, to block or supress process of your personal data, to retain and reuse your personal data, to object to their personal data being used.

In practice, you can always choose your Cookie preference through the pop-up box on the lower left corner of each page.

When you participate in our studies, you can also require at a later date to have your data removed and/or updated.

Other services & updates to our privacy policy

At the moment, we do not use other Cookies or collect other types of personal information. In particular, we do not place advertisements on our website. Nevertheless, the YouTube video that we embed into our Home Page is requiring two Adsense cookies from Google. While YouTube has a "nocookie" site, it does not perform all the necessary functions. Should you prefer not to load these Cookies, we suggest that you use an Ad Blocker.

As we develop our platform software, we will introduce new functions to this website. This means new types of personal data may be required at a later date. We will notify all our users of such updates. All prior consents will be revoked upon such updates, too.