IdeaFeX's timeline

This timeline lays out the major events that have taken place as well as our educated plans for future developments.

Apr 2018 — White Paper v1

We finished the first draft of our Corporate White Paper. In this document, we expressed the need for asset-backed new financing and investment classes powered by distributed ledger technology.

Sept 2018 — White Paper v2

We finished the second draft of our Corporate White Paper. In this document, we explain the values of a marketplace format empowered by our innovative auction method.

Oct 2018 — Software development commences

Our in-house development team began developing the IdeaFeX software using the state-of-the-art technologies in the financial industry and the blockchain community.

Nov 2018 — Go-to-market strategy finalized

We finalized our go-to-market strategy. In this strategy, we take into account developments in the blockchain community, particularly that of asset-backed token issuance protocols. We also offer a vision for the market of the new asset classes we propose in the next ten years.

Dec 2018 — Software architecture and design finalized

We finalized the features of our software as well as specifications the underpin these features. Our development team continue to work on delivering the product.

Jan 2019 — Token White Paper

We finalized the Token White Paper by extending our Corporate White Paper. We focus on the foundational values of the IdeaFeX token and how token features and token allocation are designed to support these values.

Q2 2019 — Initial token sale

We will launch our initial token sale to our user community. More details about our token as well as the token sale are available in our Toke White Paper.

Q4 2019 — Initial launch

IdeaFeX marketplace goes live. From this point on, we will continually upgrade our software and improve our UX. We will gradually roll out our supports for payments in fiat and select crypto currencies. The first category of assets that we support will be exotic assets.

Q2 2020 — New asset categories

We will expand the support of other asset categories in our marketplace.

Q3 2020 — Full integration of 3rd-party protocols

Since our initial launch, we continually integrate protocols developed by the open-source blockchain community. The goal is to support all asset-backed tokens issued on major protocols. Thereby, even tokens that are not initially issued via our auction system will enjoy state-of-the-art support on our marketplace.

Q1 2021 — Localization in Asia-Pacific

We will open our Asia-Pacific office in order to serve local clients better. This office will also handle compliance works in the region.

Q4 2021 — Localization in the Americas

We will open our Americas office to serve clients in the Western Hemisphere better.

We will work tirelessly in making financing & investment more efficient & robust.